Board "Morpheus I"

The Morpheus I board comes with an initial configuration file (other designs will follow). It is optimized to be compatible to the Arduino DUE (ARM Cortex M3 CPU) chip. On the Arduissimo board, the Arduino DUE CPU is implemented 16 times. The system performance - which is the sum of all active CPUs running -  is 166MHz. A single CPU runs maximal at 33.2 MHz.


Specification details:

- Size: 98.5mm
x 60mm
- Power supply: DC 3.3V - 15V
Xilinx Spartan-6 LX25 CSG326 -2
- ADC, 16-channel, ESD protection
- EEprom for configuration file and user data
- High Speed USB, FTDI HS2232HL (13 pins for 245 fifo sync connected to the FPGA)
- SDRAM Interface 1: 6x 8MB, 166MHz, 32-bit data width
- SDRAM Interface 2: 1x 8MB, 166MHz, 16-bit data width
- microSD-Card holder (6 pins connected to the FPGA)
- 99 IOs:
    - 3 IOs: 2.54mm header (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
    - 2 IOs: 2mm header (e.g.
Xbee, Bluetooth Bee)
    - 72 IOs: Arduino Mega footprint (72 IOs shared with uPlug)
    - 94 IOs: 8 uPlug connector slots (72 IOs shared with Arduino Mega) with 24 LVDS pairs of equal length
- Arduino Mega footprint
- 8 uPlug connector slots
- 50MHz oscillator
- 1 magic green LED
- Reset switch
- Power jack connector 2.1mm/5.5mm
- Jumper for Bank3 VCC input
- 4 nice bumpers

More information about the board once the project is released.

last modified: 2014/dec/14