Do I need to know FPGA technology ?

No, just plug in power supply and the USB cable, use the free Arduissimo IDE for compiling and downloading and start using multicores in the Arduino environment.

What is the price ?

The price of the hardware is in the range of any other FPGA based evaluation boards. The Arduissimo IDE is open source.

Can I use it as an Arduino compatible FPGA evaluation board ?

Yes, it is an open source hardware. You don't even need an FPGA download cable, but you can use one if you want. You can also run one of the the multicore designs on one FPGA and download your own design on the second FPGA.

Can I use other languages and compilers, or do I have to use the Arduino format ?

The concept allows you to use your own language and compiler. The compiler can be a standard, "single CPU" compiler (avr-gcc, arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc, ...), it does not need to be modified for SHP or "multicore CPUs". The Arduissimo IDE can then be used to simulate and to download your .hex (.disasm) file. 


last modified: 2012/nov/9