I'm afraid, the server-space is not large enough to list all of them, so here are just some:

Morpheus Board:


I designed it to offer a low cost FPGA board with high speed interface to an external SDRAM, in particular to a multi-bank SDRAM cluster. Also a separated data and program interface was important.

I stopped working on it, because there is way too much work involved to provide it to the masses as a low-cost FPGA board. I hope there will be a professional low-cost FPGA board with RLDRAM support, soon.



I designed a plug-and-play system, which has a higher density than the PMOD system. Unfortunately the connectors are not stable enough to be used in the field.


I designed a Cortex M3, but then the RISC-V sneaked around the corner. I use the Cortex M3 design for comparison, but I doubt, that the RISC-V ISA is more efficient.

last modified: 2017/Oct/02