Arduissimo is a MultiCore Arduino project. It is realized on a low-cost FPGA board. The extended Arduissimo IDE - based on the original Arduino IDE - is released as open source.

From the user perspective, Arduissimo provides two additional aspects to existing Arduino solutions.
  1. The user can run the application on multiple CPUs.
  2. A mechanism enables Virtual Peripherals to emulate peripherals like PWMs, serial protocols etc.
This overview shows some differencies:


The Arduino DUE is based on a ARM Corte
x M3 CPU ("CM3"). The Arduisismo project is also based on a Cortex M3 compatible CPU. It is therefore ideal for projects which need more performance and/or more peripherals than the one provided by the current alternatives. It is also ideal as an extension board to the Raspberry Pi.

The project also provides a cycle accurate model of the FPGA impementation, which is used for an emulator and for virtual prototyping of a project.

last modified: 2014/dec/14